The story of amaï

Both Ina and Ingrid worked as designers, met in HCMC, and got along together with a passion for creation, colour and composition. The ‘East meets West theme’ can be found in all their designs and is basicly their way of living.

Having a family of their own, they take importance in creating items which enrich everyday life. It is no use to introduce a product to the market only to look at. We like our products to be touched and used, preferably at a daily base and not only for special occasions.

The brand name amaï means ‘wow’ in Antwerp, where the two founders come from. ‘Amai’ is emphasizing an emotion. The two dots on the ‘i’ represent both names. This little extra dot is like the icing on the cake!

Ingrid Ploem (Dutch) Well experienced in product development, quality control and graphic design. Has lived in Asia for over nineteen years, although her true home is by the canals of Amsterdam and her heart belongs to Antwerp. She is creative, innovative and has a solution to everything.

Ina Stas (Belgian) With an eye for detail and passion for design she has made her way from being a professional violin-player to an interior designer and stylist. Enjoying motherhood (3) still gives her plenty of energy to be creative and full of ideas.




5 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi there,
    My name is Son, and recently we’re an online interior retailer, which is seeking suppliers to develop our product base. It seems that your style of product is quite fit with our search. So i wonder if you could send us further images/photos of your portfolio. And then, we could arrange a meeting to discuss.
    I should be contacted by email at son.hanguyen@ahometo.com.
    Hope that our ways crossed someday.

    Best Regards,

    • Dear mr Son, Sorry it took us such a long time to reply to your message.
      If you are still interested in our products we could meet at our house in district 2 where we have a showroom.
      Please dont hesitate to contact me via tel 01234 45 41 43
      Have a nice day

  2. Hallo Ina en Ingrid,
    Via Katy Van Der Wee heb ik jullie prachtige collectie leren kennen. Waar kan ik die superkopjes kopen? Hebben jullie een verdeler in Belgie?
    Alvast bedankt!
    kristine Nauwelaerts

    • Hallo Kristine

      Wat tof dat je zo enthousiast bent over onze ceramiek!
      Jammer genoeg hebben we nog geen verkooppunt in België…
      Op dit moment verkopen we alleen in Vietnam.
      We zouden wel kunnen proberen om het op te sturen, maar de kosten zijn dan waarschijnlijk wat hoog? We zullen dat eens uitzoeken en het je laten weten.
      Ik ben nu nog in Nederlands maar vanaf volgende week terug in Vietnam. We houden je op de hoogte!

      Ingrid en Ina

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