amaï attending the Japanese bazaar organized by ” ao dai”, the Japanese ladies club of Saigon

today we ll be at the Japaneze bazaar with our artisan collection and stainless steel collection
hope to welcome many of you!
date 26/09
time : 10 am- 1pm
sherwood residences ( ballroom)
127 pasteurstreet district 3, HCMC, Vietnam


feeling happy ! we celebrated our 100 sales days at our shop at snap cafe

What a fun event it was, lots of customers came to meet us. We chatted, drank some tea and cold drinks together, had some cupcakes and spring rolls  and played our special ” get a discount by throwing the dice” game. Lots of people went home content with new purchases as well and we felt this is really what keeps our engine running.

A very big thank you to you all !!


what a lovely improvised event it was ! thanks to chocolate Marou joining us

16 degrees celcius in Saigon… almost unbelievable but true it was… since we felt like it was the right time to gather together for some “up”warming drink we invited spontaneously our friends and neighbors to pop in and join us for a hot chocolate served in our new charcoal colored cups.

yummie  ! can t wait for it to freeze again here and invite you all again

amaï and marou chocolate event

amaï and marou chocolate event